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The Good Character of Donald Trump

Mainstream Narrative: Donald Trump is an egotist of low character, verbally abusive, twice impeached, a career failure, a liar, a grifter, and cannot be trusted. Positive views of him come from low-information sources.

Corrected Narrative: Trump is a wrongfully impeached, highly trustable, courageous, truthful, generous, highly successful former (and future?) President. Negative views of him come from Democratic-leaning sources.

American Thinker: Trump and the Character Question

“…Let’s look at an organization famous for building character, at least until the social justice termites chewed it up: the Boy Scouts.  Their mission is simple: “The BSA’s goal is to train youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance.”

How would President Trump’s character measure up as a Boy Scout based on the Scout Law?  Here are a few examples.

Trustworthy.  Trump is following through on his campaign promises: constitutionalist judges, tax cuts, better trade deals, getting our military out of foreign entanglements, trying (in the face of Congressional opposition) to secure the border.

Loyal.  Trump is loyal to his supporters and those loyal to him.  He gave General Mattis, fired previously by Obama, a second chance and stuck with him for two years despite significant differences of opinion.

Helpful.  Trump regularly visits disaster areas, whether a shooting, a wildfire, or a hurricane.  Some might call it a photo op, but he is there to assure local officials of federal support and assistance.

Friendly.  The media complain about accessibility.  But has a president ever been more willing to stop on his way to Marine One to chat with the press?  Sometimes he will spend 20-30 minutes, answering whatever questions they have.

Courteous.  Trump respects the White House and the office of the presidency.  He is rarely seen in public out of his suit and tie – unlike a predecessor who frequented the Oval Office in sweaty running gear.

Cheerful.  Despite overwhelming opposition from all quarters, even from many within his own party, Trump remains upbeat and optimistic.  He maintains a cheerfulness that few mortals could achieve under the weight of constant criticism and hostility.  Just look at any of his campaign rallies for his cheer and optimism.

Thrifty.  Trump, unlike the rest of Washington, D.C., realizes that our national debt is equal to America’s yearly economic output and is growing year by year.  He has forgone his own presidential salary and is trimming the fat within the executive branch as much as possible – and urging Congress, albeit unsuccessfully, to do the same.

Brave.  Trump is no coward.  He is currently playing chicken with Pelosi and Schumer in the government shutdown, as well as with a host of foreign leaders, both friend and foe, getting the best for America.

Clean.  The current White House is free of rapper thugs, randy interns, race-hustlers, and other riffraff who frequented previous administrations on a regular basis.

Reverent.  It is impossible to know a man’s heart, but Trump appears to have grown into his faith over the past several years, quietly and without virtue-signaling – unlike some of his predecessors, who used bibles and church attendance as props or photo opportunities.

By Boy Scout criteria, President Trump is certainly of good character.  Is he flawed, as we all are in our own ways?  Of course, but such is human nature…”

Gallup: Americans Evaluate Trump’s Character Across 13 Dimensions

“…Given a chance to rate Trump across a series of personal characteristics, the American public scores him highest on his intelligence, being strong and decisive, and bringing about needed changes. He does much less well in terms of likability, his choice of advisers, and his ability to work with both parties in Washington.

These views may be partly what Trump himself would expect. His bombastic, highly critical and often negative pronouncements and tweets underscore that his administration is not focused on making friends and being nice to those with whom he deals. And he certainly would personally tend to agree that his objective is to produce change and shake things up in Washington…”

Federalist: Case Against Trump Is Intellectually And Morally Bankrupt

“…The Christian voter’s choice, then, is not between one man of bad character, Trump, and another of bad policy, Biden. It is a choice between a man with poor character and another man with both poor character and deadly policies.

Consider the sins Piper highlights as being biblically deadly: “unrepentant sexual immorality (porneia), unrepentant boastfulness (alazoneia), unrepentant vulgarity (aischrologia), unrepentant factiousness (dichostasiai).” Now, Trump, a presumably unregenerate man, does display these qualities, among admirable traits. But is Biden above them?

We’re talking about a man who was also accused of sexual assault (porneia), who has spent an entire campaign boasting about his political accomplishments of the last 47 years (alazoneia), who told a voter he was “full of sh-t” and insulted others (aischrologia), and who repeatedly divides people into factions, specifically stoking racial strife (dichostasiai). This is just from the list Piper provided, and is to say nothing of Biden’s character as it relates to habitual lying, exploiting his positions of influence for personal gainundermining God’s design for marriage and families, attacking people of faith, and instilling fear to obtain power, just to name a few of the many more obvious strikes against Biden’s character. For an example of “bad company [that] corrupts good character,” look no further than the woman he chose as his running mate.

It is conceivable that a Christian could say that she could not in good conscience vote for Trump because of his character. But what is truly baffling, to use Piper’s word, is that a Christian could, with intellectual honesty, say that Biden’s character is better…”

White House: Trump Administration Accomplishments

-As of January 2021

Claremont Institute: Trump Is the Most Towering Political Figure in Living Memory

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